All uPVC profile systems for windows & doors are not alike. Therefore the windows that are made from different uPVC profiles have different properties and varying abilities to withstand the rigors to which most windows are subjected. All windows when first fabricated perform adequately. It is how these windows stand up to years of use that separates the good ones from the bad ones. No matter how well they are designed, stress and weathering are the downfall of most window systems. Stress damage is the result of daily operation of the window & door. Window failure due to weathering is a result of the contrasting temperature, moisture and UV ranges on the interior and exterior surfaces of the window systems

GHS uses VEKA profile systems which are product of the unique VEKA process and are better able to handle these stress and weathering which result in longer lasting better performing window systems for Home Owners.GHS recommends to design windows & doors system structurally stable when in-situ and when exposed to wind load as well as all upvc windows & doors system should confirm to DIN 1055 part-4, DIN 18056 which stipulate permissible bending deflection can not exceed 8 mm.