Being a dexterous mentor to architects and builders, we offer them valuable advice and tips. Mentoring denotes relationship guidance between the more experienced and less experienced entity and person. No doubt, builders and architects have extensive knowledge about their profile and work, but they turn to us for wise advice. We guide builders how to coordinate with all the stakeholders and reduce their construction cost by a significant percentage.


As we all know, information technology plays an instrumental role in all the businesses. And, construction is no exception to this. So, we provide technical guidance and thus, over the years, have emerged as one of the renowned technical experts of the construction industry. Interestingly, most of the architects approach us for the technical details. Further, we enhance the knowledge of architects and planners by providing them information on the doors, synthetic windows and shutters. Even, architectural diagrams lack certain indispensable areas such as coordination issues, conflicts, missing information, CAD anomalies etc. Owing to our ethical policies and the right guidance, we have emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for the architects and builders.

Home Owners

Since our inception, we, “Green Home Solution”, are guiding the home owners in a right direction. Our advisory services concerned with synthetic windows, doors and shutters are most welcomed by the architects, builders and homeowners. Keeping into consideration their specific family lifestyles, we advise home owners accordingly. Leveraging years of experience, we offer fast, brilliant and insightful solutions to the valued patrons.

We also unearth many alternatives, which the homeowners might have never given a thought. So, whether it is the matter of an efficiency of a plan, interior circulation or energy efficiency, we give utmost importance to each and every issue. It is noteworthy that even small inefficiencies can skyrocket the construction cost.

Home owners sometimes take the role of general contractors and thus, approach to us for better advice & guidance. Whether it is the case of a penthouse or small house or luxurious bungalows, we give value to each and every plea. And we are proud to say that we have rightly guided several valued patrons in their constructions at almost impossible sites, construction in an economy budget and projects under environmental sensitivity situations. A plan to provide architectural reviews or guidance on an hourly basis is also in the pipeline. It is indispensable to understand that correction of various issues on later stage can cost more, if proper steps are not taken regarding these at the time of construction.