Perfect Windows and Doors are made by equally sophisticated machines. Only the use of these machines ensure the consistently high level of quality. We can offer advice with regard to the establishment of a GHS specialist plant, the equipping of production facilities and, of course, the continuous process optimization, so that you not only meet your customers’ demands but also fulfil your own expectations on your performance from the outset.

Our Technical Partners Around the world, for over four decades, VEKA is the world’s largest German manufacturer in high quality uPVC window and door profile systems.VEKA India (100% owned subsidiary of VEKA AG,Germany) has a widest product range for Indian market as per International standards.VEKA offers windows & doors profile system with highest noise insulation & heat insulation values as well as conforming relevant International standards. All VEKA Profiles confirms upvc profle’s outer wall thickness more than 2.5 mm, with tropical mix,Impact resistance as per International standards as well as welding strength in accordance to EN514. After giving a makeover to homes,hotels,hospitals & commercial offices around the world, VEKA envisions to refashion India. The Roto Group – leading the way for over 75 years: Windows and doors open up rooms and at the same time offer protection.

The hardware – the interface between inside and outside – is only a means to an end for Roto. It is our goal to enhance the increased value of windows and doors for people.That’s why we develop solutions that intelligently combine security, energy management and 

comfort with each other in the home. How would it be if windows opened and closed automatically, controlled the air conditioner and heater or reported attempted break-ins directly to an alarm control panel? Roto already provides you with the answers to these questions today. Our name stands for innovative, individual and secure complete solutions with a system in architectural hardware technology the world over. Developed by a team of designers and engineers who are among the world’s best.But additional properties are required to achieve decades of success on the world market: Experience, trust, curiosity, the will to succeed, foresight, dynamics, creativity, knowledge and skill. All these terms apply to a company that you can become familiar with at this website.